I'm a Swedish concept artist and illustrator with a primary focus on book covers, short story illustration and board game art.

I love to vizualise narratives, design characters and build worlds and am always interested in such projects. I strive to stay educated and create responsible, diverse representation.

My personal work moves freely between expressions of up-beat fantastical adventure and surreal existential dread, looking for beauty and serenity in the horrifying and unknown. I’m passionate about sex-positive and queer expression and some of my main sources of inspiration are weird fiction, mysticism, b-movies, magic and the boundless forces of nature. 

My background consists of a BA in Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration from the University of Skövde and a five semester illustration program at TAD, now known as Visual Arts Passage. As well as a traditional animation program in upper secondary school at Eksjö Gymnasium.

Before going freelance in 2017 I worked in game development as a 2d & concept artist, on titles such as Little Big Planet 3 and Satisfactory.

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Publications & Awards

2017. Infected By Art 6 (Silver; Digital Art Category- Silver; Pencil Category)

2015. Inspired, an Art Order Challenge Book.

2013. Exposé 11.

2013. San Diego Comic Con Souvenir Book.