Inktober 2017

I had a great time with inktober this year and wanted to share some of my personal highlights!

On the plane home from Philadelphia there was quite a bit of turbulence, so I started to do dots instead of lines. Just the simplest thing and I did it without a thought at first but it unlocked something in my thinking. So as I explored imagery inspired by my two latest obsessions (the book Borne by Jeff Vandermeer and catacomb saints) I found my hand moving more instinctively and with much greater ease than before.

As mentioned, Im a bit obsessed with catacomb saints at the moment. They are just so wildly fascinating to me, both the stories and the imagery. So I started to do inkwashes on yupo paper to try and capture the feel of them. It was just an experiment but turned out so well I’ve become a bit addicted, rest assured the end of inktober does not mean the end of Boniface! 

Thanks for reading!

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